Care Professional Spotlight: Elizabeth Hamlett

Being a Care Professional is so much more than a job. It’s about building a relationship with the seniors we care for.

Care Professional Elizabeth Hamlett’s own story with Home Instead® begins when her friend Brenda Dixon, then a client coordinator in our Lynchburg, Virginia offices, referred her to us. “My favorite part about helping my clients? It’s about helping and serving someone in need. I’ve heard great stories of their lives, too,” Elizabeth says.

A Wealth of Stories

Care Professional Elizabeth Hamlett

For many of our in-home staff, we have the opportunity to hear stories and learn wisdom from the seniors we serve. Just ask Elizabeth: one constant through the sixteen years she’s worked with us has been that clients have unique tales that made the relationship special and enjoyable.

“There were several that stick out to me. One client was 106 years old and lived in Nelson County on the Appalachian Trail before there were roads put in,” recalls Elizabeth. “She shared her years growing up, and it was so interesting to hear her way of life.”

Sometimes our clients share stories from a world away. “Another lady was a refugee from eastern Europe and had to travel to America during the second World War. The hardships her family had to endure were staggering,” says Elizabeth.

“I have her autographed book of her life – what a gift she gave to me!”

Yet another client regaled Elizabeth with touching stories about living through World War II in Germany. Alongside these harrowing stories of bravery and endurance, client’s often pass on bits and pieces of culture and tradition. “She shared many good dessert recipes with me: baklava as well as a type of fruit bread-cake.”

Having the chance to hear lived-stories of eras typically recounted in movies or history books is a special thing, and as Care Professionals, we relish the chance for our clients to share who they are with us.

A Support Team for the Supporters

Care Professionals are a critical source of stability and comfort in our clients’ lives, and as a result, they’re backed by an extensive office staff while they’re in the field.

“Through the years I’ve worked with Home Instead, the support team has always been encouraging to me,” Elizabeth says. “I hope our office will open soon so we can see them face-to-face again!”

What Makes a Care Professional?

We’ll be the first to say that caring for our clients isn’t for everyone because it takes a special grade of patience, empathy, skill, and passion. But we also believe it is the most fulfilling work available to those who have the knack of caring for others! For would-be Care Professionals, Elizabeth advises: “care giving is something you have to enjoy, especially giving your time, listening well, and having a heart ready to serve.”

For Elizabeth, that’s a mindset bound up in a simple philosophy she learned as a child: “Growing up, I was taught the acronym ‘J.O.Y.’: Jesus, Others, You. Serving others, is serving Jesus, which gives you joy.”

We’re certainly blessed to have Care Professionals like Elizabeth to provide joy, passion, and comfort to our clients, keeping seniors in the warmth of their homes, near their families and friends, and the comfort of their hobbies and interests. Because of employees like them, home truly is the best place to be.

If you’re interested in becoming a Care Professional and working to help seniors live their best lives, check out what it’s like to work with us! Home Instead® is proud to offer benefits such as PTO, 401(k), and health insurance.

Photo Submitted Courtesy of Elizabeth Hamlett