CAREGiver Spotlight: Emma Mott

At Home Instead, our CAREGivers are some of the most giving and service-driven people that you can meet. Emma Mott is no exception.

“I’ve been caregiver all my life,” says Emma.

Before Emma joined our CAREGiver team, she had been caring for others for years. Originally from McDowell County, WV, she left to work in Roanoke as a Headstart Social Worker. “After that, I spent ten years as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician),” Emma explains.

When the opportunity came along to join our Home Instead team, it was a natural fit for Emma. “Everyone was friendly. It felt like I had known them my whole life,” says Emma. While we always are caring for our clients, we also emphasize caring for the people that we hire as well. Emma noticed this right from the start. “The Home Instead team makes you feel like you’re one big family.”

A Love for Caring

Emma selflessly cares for each of her clients and notes how deep the connections have become. Our CAREGivers get to be apart of a client’s life and provide them meaningful connections and relationships, while also helping them through their daily challenges.

Emma says that her favorite part of working with our clients is that she gets to know and spend time with them. “One of my clients I had been with for about 4 years was very attached to me. I was attached to him, too. When I had to be away and couldn’t come to see him for a couple of days, I left a letter for my replacement,” she explains.

“When the woman went to see him as my substitute, she told my client that I had left all of the directions for her of how to take care of him. She said it was like a love letter,” Emma laughs.

Emma cared so much for this client, as well as her other clients, that she wanted to make sure his personalized care didn’t miss a beat. “We were on a routine, and it was hard for him when things changed,” says Emma. “He had trouble with mobility, but I knew just how to hold him to support him to give him independence still.”

“That’s one of my favorite parts about CAREGiving – we do all of this because we truly care for our clients.”

We encourage our CAREGivers to do exactly what Emma does day in and out. Our CAREGivers love to help our community members, and our clients love to be cared for by people who genuinely want to help them. Emma is a perfect example of how those relationships make a difference in the way a senior can be valued and cared for.

Caring 24/7

When Emma is not caring for her Home Instead clients, she is very active in serving her church community through youth programs and mission work in local areas. Emma received a certificate in missions from her church, but she’s glad she gets to do service work each day as a Home Instead CAREGiver.

Emma Mott, CAREGiver

While our CAREGivers take care of our clients, we’re proud to return the favor to our CAREGivers. “I take care of my mother-in-Law, brothers, and foster children. So when I needed to be off, Home Instead understood,” Emma explains. “They even called and checked in on me to make sure things were okay.”

We are thankful for CAREGivers like Emma and her heart for giving back to others in her community.

Become a CAREGiver:

We are fortunate to be able to send CAREGivers like Emma to support our clients and keep seniors in their homes. Because as we often say, home is the best place to be. 

If you are interested in becoming a CAREGiver and working to help seniors live their best lives, you can check out our job listings on our website. Home Instead is proud to offer benefits such as PTO, 401(k), health insurance, as well as a $1,000 sign-on bonus. For Emma, caring is in her heart, and her dedication to serving others is unmatched. If you have the same heart for service, consider applying to be a CAREGiver today.