Care Professional Spotlight: Patsy Conner

When Patsy Conner was growing up, she would sometimes go to work with her mother. Here, she watched her caring mom provide care and compassion to aging seniors, sometimes assisting them herself. Today, she provides that same care to her mother and clients with Home Instead®. 

Patsy joined our Home Instead family over a decade ago. Previously she provided care through private duty.

“I feel that I’m there to support their needs from the comfort of their own home or facility,” says Patsy. “I always enjoy working with people and with every person comes a new challenge to adapt to.”

Currently, Patsy serves two clients: a couple and an individual. Day to day, her level of care varies. Sometimes she assists with hands-on care.  Other days, she helps out around the house with simple chores. Then, there are some days when all they need is a little companionship. 

When Patsy joined the team at Home Instead® in Roanoke, she was impressed by how much the organization holds true to the “To Us, It’s Personal” tagline. 

“I can tell they take pride in providing the absolute best care for the clients, as well as the employees,” she says. “They’re very selective about who they hire and I believe that’s in everyone’s best interest.”

Her favorite thing about being a Care Professional is knowing that she is truly making an impact on a client’s life. She enjoys building close knit relationships, trust, and dependability in a time of their lives that can be scary or intimidating. 

“A while back, I was able to care for Paul Beedle and his wife,” says Patsy. “I call him my celebrity client, but he became much more of a father figure to me.” 

The bonds formed with a Care Professional and their clients can be meaningful and genuine and Patsy looks forward to continuing to build those kinds of bonds through her work. She sees it as her way of helping those who worked hard for their homes, stay comfortably. 

If you’re interested in receiving Home Instead® for you or a loved one, fill out our care estimator and a representative will follow up with you!