Care Professional Spotlight: Ross Kelley

Ross Kelley has been a Care Professional with Home Instead® for the past two years. Prior to joining the Home Instead® team, he provided care in a few different ways. After 6 years  providing customers with support with their banking needs at Wachovia, he spent ten years CCS Medical to assist people with scheduling diabetic testing.

Seeking a Chance to Build Meaningful Relationships 

Eventually, helping people over the phone was no longer fulfilling for Kelley. He wanted to provide face to face interaction and support to those he was serving. 

“I had heard a commercial about Home Instead® on Spirit FM,” says Kelley. “I got to the point where I didn’t want to take anymore phone calls, I took the plunge and applied.”

Today, Kelley is proud to provide care to aging seniors as a Home Instead® Care Professional in Roanoke because he knows that his work helps to prevent them from being moved from their comforting, familiar homes into a new environment.

“When I think about my parents, who have been in their home for 31 years, I know they’re going to need assistance but don’t want to leave their homes,” he says. He’s adds how glad he is to provide that opportunity for other families. “You really do become part of their family.”

Making Memories Through Care

Part of caring for an aging individual regularly means building a relationship and creating memories together. He often finds himself enjoying more than just assisting with companion care and personal care. He gets the chance to celebrate special moments like birthdays and holidays, too. 

“I recently celebrated Veteran’s Day with a few veterans that I’ve been working with,” says Kelley. “It’s an honor to give back to the folks who have served our country.”

One of his favorite memories is celebrating a birthday with his Navy veteran client. Ross joined the client and his son for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.

“They put whipped cream on his nose and cheeks and sang to him,” he laughs. “It’s just great to sit there and laugh with them and experience life with them.”

It’s moments like these that Kelley finds especially humbling. The little things he does each day to maintain their quality of life may not seem significant until he remembers what it would be like for them if that care went away. Helping them stay in their homes means as much to them as it does to the caregiver. 

Recognition for Outstanding Care

Beyond the relationships and recognition Kelley receives from his clients, he says Home Instead’s culture of congratulating top Care Professionals makes the job even more rewarding. Kelley has been awarded caregiver of the month and the leadership is eager to share positive client feedback with his peers. 

Kelley says “when we say “To Us It’s Personal, we really mean it. You become part of their family and even get to know their loved ones. I’m honored to be apart of it.”

If your loved one needs care and support at home, there are many Care Professionals just like Ross Kelley who are eager to fill that role. Contact Home Instead® today to learn more about the different types of care we can provide to keep your loved on comfortable in their own home.