Become a CAREGiver with Home Instead

At Home Instead®, caregiving is more than a job. Every day we’re making an impact in the lives of seniors, their families, our community, and our world.

Discover a culture where CAREGivers are gratefully valued. We're always inviting the most compassionate and professional people to join our CAREGiver family. Partner with us in our mission to deliver the best care for seniors.

Work that matters

Life as a CAREGiver is a rewarding career path that goes beyond paychecks, benefits, and incentives!

  • Your work will allow seniors to stay in the homes they’ve spent their lives working for.

  • Allow families to be family again. An adult child no longer has to be a caregiver to their parent.

  • Give seniors the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and high quality of life that they deserve.

To us, it's personal

To be a CAREGiver is a personal choice. We’ve found that many of our CAREGivers personally provided or received care for an ailing father, mother, sibling, grandparent, or friend. They know firsthand the heartfelt sacrifices that come along with aging loved ones because they’ve lived through it. In return, they see those they care for professionally as family. They give their servant’s heart just as if they were caring for their own loved one. Home Instead® CAREGivers intimately understand the impact and importance of caring for another’s life. That’s why when we say “To us, it’s personal,” we mean it.

A Culture of Caring

Our culture of care extends not only to our clients but also to our employees. Every Home Instead employee is a valued member of our CAREGiver family. We like to take the time to reward, support, and care for our CAREGivers while they put their time into caring for our seniors.


In addition to competitive wages, we pride ourselves in offering many valuable benefits to each of our CAREGivers.

We are here to answer our CAREGivers’ concerns and questions around the clock with our on-call staff. You’re never alone on the job because we are always here for you.

You tell us when you want to work, and we do our best to match your availability with assignments that match your personality and ability.

CAREGivers give so much time and energy to our clients. We give that time back to them. From day one on the job, CAREGivers earn Paid Time Off based on hours worked and tenure.

In addition to your regular pay, you will have the opportunity to earn a $1,000 sign-on bonus! Other bonuses are given based on tenure and training requirements.

We offer world-class in-person and online CAREGiver training programs! We do everything we can to give you the confidence to deliver the best care in any home. Even better, WE PAY YOU for training!

We offer medical insurance benefits that are compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

In addition to your health insurance, we also offer options for coverage that our employees find beneficial.

We offer our team a 401k benefit and will match up to 3% with company funds to help you save for retirement.

When you need funds before payday, TapCheck allows you to take an early withdrawal (up to 60% of your upcoming paycheck) for a small fee.

Our CAREGivers are our biggest marketing asset. Refer a friend or family member to become a CAREGiver and receive a referral bonus!

Who is a CAREGiver?

We believe that a CAREGiver is a person who:

  • Puts the heart and wellbeing of others first.
  • Is empathetic and compassionate to the needs of our senior community.
  • Seeks to enrich the life of a stranger who, over time, feels more like family.
  • Believes seniors have the right to age with dignity and respect while receiving a helping hand.
  • Is eager to provide a senior with care, companionship, and enhanced quality of life.
  • Sees the people you care for as a person and not just a client. 

At the end of the day, if your loved one needed care, how would you want them to be taken care of? By choosing a career as a CAREGiver, YOU can provide a family with peace of mind to this question because to us, it’s always been personal.


Ready to choose Home Instead® for your caregiving career?

If you are ready to start a life-changing career while giving back to seniors in need, fill out our CAREGiver application below!