Meet a Care Professional: Barbara G.

For over ten years, Barbara G. has put the CARE in Care Professionals.

As part of our team of compassionate Care Professionals in Lynchburg, VA, Barbara provides aging individuals and their families with peace of mind. She provides care through companionship, personal care assistance, and transportation for clients of Home Instead®. While she’s worked with many families over the years, she’s currently working full time with one family.

A Natural Born Caregiver

Home Instead® isn’t Barbara’s first time providing care to aging individuals. Over 30 years ago, she gained experience as a caregiver at another organization. In more recent years, she spent time as a caregiver for her husband and a few of her own family members. 

“I really do enjoy what I do. I like caring for people, helping, and making a difference in their lives,” says Barbara. “I still provide care for one of my sisters in my free time. It’s very rewarding.”

She’s extremely passionate about helping individuals stay comfortably in their own homes and an environment that they’re familiar with to maintain their quality of life. She’s proud to provide them with that opportunity.

Why Home Instead?

Once Barbara was ready to return to provide her caregiving expertise to the public, she applied to Home Instead® based on a referral. The rest is history.

“It’s probably one of the best things that could have happened to me,” she recalls.

Barbara says her job doesn’t even feel like work because of all of the support that Home Instead® is able to provide. She admires the genuine caring attitude of not just the caregivers, but the staff too. 

Looking Back

Throughout her many years of service as a Care Professional, there’s one family that stands out in her mind. 

“It’s hard to think of just one, because there are so many amazing lives I’ve gotten to impact,” Barbara reminisces. “But there was a former client that was just so appreciative and thankful that Home Instead® had such quality caregivers that she always made a point to let me know about the impact we have made on her life whenever we sat down to talk.”

Barbara keeps in contact with this client still today as if she were her own flesh and blood. 

“You grow so attached with them that they truly become a part of your family,” she adds. 

Barbara plans to continue providing Home Instead® clients with the utmost respect, dignity, and loving care. We are so appreciative to have her on our team as a prime example of what a true Care Professional is. 

Thanks for all that you give Barbara!