Embracing Holiday Celebrations with a CAREGiver’s help

In a year unlike any other, you may be wondering how you can give your parents the gift of an enjoyable holiday season.

With the threat of COVID, even the regular challenges of caring for them are coupled with the fear of exposure — and maybe you’re feeling helpless to give them the best care possible by yourself, in their homes or yours. Rest assured, there’s a solution that keeps your parents comfortably home for the holidays while ensuring the best care possible: an in-home CAREGiver.

The Benefits of In-home Care during the Holidays

Even before the threat of COVID in nursing homes, 75% of seniors told AARP they preferred to remain at home for as long as they were able.1 Combined with the affordability of quality home care and the increased popularity of at-home CAREGivers this year, that statistic is clearly evident. CAREGivers eliminate the need for seniors to leave their homes for most daily care, minimizing travel and housing expenses while liberating seniors to enjoy the comforts of home and an independent schedule.

During the holidays, care at home has particularly wonderful advantages:

  • CAREGivers can help seniors prepare the family-sized meals that they’ve brought to holiday gatherings in the past. If your parents have a favorite recipe, but its family-size portions make preparation a little unwieldy, a CAREGiver can be just the extra set of hands they need in the kitchen to continue the tradition for years to come.
  • The holidays are always full of bustle and errands. Whether it’s going to the grocery store, to the bank to get crisp twenty-dollar bills for the grandkids, or to the store to pick up the latest gizmos, a CAREGiver can be the new set of legs your parents might wish they had to check some things off their to-do lists.
  • Holidays for older generations are often marked by handwritten Christmas cards and New Year’s well-wishes. A CAREGiver can assist your loved ones in this thoughtful tradition without wearing out wrists and eyes.
  • Decorations are an essential part of the holidays, but for many older parents, stringing lights and hanging garlands may be out of the question. A CAREGiver helps these traditions continue year after year for a warm, welcoming home, every time.

If anything, the pandemic enhances the need to keep our older family members safe while ensuring no shortage of seasonal cheer. That’s a level of professional assistance CAREGivers excel at bringing this level — all while maintaining the strict sanitation needed to protect them. A CAREGiver can erase the extra worries you might have during a holiday season overshadowed by a pandemic:

  • Though even the most basic errands now pose a threat to more vulnerable populations, you can save your loved ones a trip to the post office or corner store. Provide them with a CAREGiver who’s knowledgeable in how to protect themselves and can sanitize properly before re-entering the home.
  • Speaking of shopping, a CAREGiver can play the role of an in-house IT department, too! Your parents may want to try online shopping this year, whether it’s for loved ones who can’t come to town or if they prefer to stay at home. A CAREGiver makes navigating online shopping easy.
  • Even in the cooler temperatures of a Southwest Virginia winter, a breath of fresh air does the body good. Your CAREGiver can help your loved one get to local parks safely and navigate paths while properly social distancing at all times.

Give the Gift of Home

Allowing your loved ones to stay home for the holidays is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Home health care gives you a gift, too — the knowledge that your family can enjoy the full wonders of the season. And come January 1st, you can wake up easy knowing that they’ll enjoy quality care right in the comfort of their home.

Because there’s no better place to be for holidays — or any other day of the year.