Self-Care for a Caregiver

For many adults with aging parents, being a caregiver is a major added responsibility, in addition to raising their children and maintaining a professional career. Taking care of the loved ones who cared for us can cause a major strain on our daily lives. While it may feel selfish to focus on caring for yourself, it’s important to remember the age-old saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. 

Here are some tips to assure self-care as a caregiver. 

Don’t Feel Guilty

Caregiving can cause mental, emotional, and physical strain. The first step to self-care is self-awareness that you are in need of relief. Know that you are worthy of self-care, and don’t allow yourself to feel guilty when giving yourself a break or putting your needs first.

Seek Emotional Support

It’s difficult to watch your loved one lose their independence. It’s even more difficult to manage the pressure of another individual being dependent on you. If you are feeling emotionally strained, reach out for someone to talk to. Find a local caregiver support group or seek out counseling and therapy. There are specialized therapists available to help you work through the emotional struggles of the end of life phase. 

Make Time to Get Active

Juggling work and caregiving can leave little time for you to take care of yourself physically. Set aside some time each day to make sure you’re keeping yourself physically healthy. Your loved one depends on you to stay well.

Whether it’s taking your loved one for a long walk each day or taking an hour to attend a yoga class to calm your nerves, staying active will help you stay healthy and centered on the task at hand. 

Accept When The Responsibility is Too Much

Nobody wants to admit that caregiving could be too much for them to handle. After all, these family members raised you. You should return the favor. Stop thinking that way! You have a family and career of your own to focus on. Realize when you are over extending yourself and seek help.

The Care Professionals at Home Instead® provide flexible options to assist you and your loved one in providing compassionate companion care. Fill out our care needs assessment to receive a quote on senior care assistance today.